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So it seems like more & more people are being drawn to life in small spaces. Tiny homes to the endless backpackers with their belongings on their backs. To the station wagon campers to schoolbus conversions & everything in between. These types of dwellings are becoming popular amongst the nomads, the gypsy souls, wandering artists & adrenaline junkies. Living in small places allow you more freedom.. more freedom for adventure, simple living & oh, more money in your pocket.

As a surfer we live a nomadic lifestyle. Traveling to new breaks, flying to new countries in search of waves. That is why vanlife is the perfect option in terms of small living for us.

Pack up & hit the road to unlimited surf spots along the way.

Here are a few people doing just that!

"How to Roadtrip" by Samuel Glazebrook See more at:

"Compassing" by Cyrus Sutton See More At:

"#Vanlife" by Crayfish Films See more at:

" Vanlife 6000KM" by ilaria troisi See more at:

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